What are your hours?
Due to recently having a baby I am only working limited hours. Starting at 10:30AM I work every Thurs, except for the third Thurs of the month. I also work the third Tues of the month starting at 10:30AM. during this time I will not be doing any evening and only 1 weekend a month. Please call well in advanced as these days get full very quickly.
What types of payments do you accept?
All grooming fees must be paid at the time of service by cash or check only. I will be looking into other methods of payments in the near future.
Will you use pictures of my pet online and in flyers?
Yes. I do have a "photos" section on my website where I may post images of your pets (when I have some free time!). Please let me know if this is a problem for you and i will not post any photos of your pet. Also, I will only be posting "after" photos... who really wants a before photo of their pet online =).
Do you groom cats and dogs?
At this time I only groom dogs I will groom cats in the future or in special cases.
What types of products will be used on my pet?
I use only premium products. Most of my products are from Bark 2 Basics, Show Season Animal Products with various other product from Les Pooch, all are high end reputable companies. Most of my spa products (scrub, oil treatments, balms, etc) are hand made by me with all natural ingredients. I take great pride in the products I use and have researched and tested them extensively.
What if I'm late?
If you are more than 20min late (depending on the day) we will have to reschedule. Note that your pets groom may suffer due to me having to rush. As a low-volume salon working exclusively with one dog at a time I do my best to schedule plenty of time with each pet plus extra time between appointments to prevent a new dog arriving before the previous dog has gone home. I know you will enjoy this same special service for your own pet, so please arrive for your scheduled appointment on time so it does not affect other customers.
Do you accept walk in clients?
No. I strive to create the most relaxed and safe environment for your pet. This would be impossible if there were customers walking in and out.
Can I stay with my pet?
I don't recommend it as it will hinder the bonding experience between your pet and I and prevent full relaxation. However, If your dog can focus on me and not be distracted it is fine, but most dogs would not be able to do this. They love you, and the sound of your voice tends to excite them. I work with very sharp instruments and your pet’s safety is a priority to me, so it is generally better for me to work alone and in a quiet, low-traffic area.
Do you allow children in your shop?
I do allow children in the waiting room in Nature's Pet Spa. However, children are not allowed past the reception door. My shop is full of scissors, blades and other dangerous instruments and I like to focus all my attention on the pet at hand.
Does my dog have to be up to date on his vaccinations?
Yes, you will need to provide a copy of your pet's rabies and vaccinations, along with your veterinarian's name and phone number. This is protection for your pet.
How often should I get my pet groomed?
On the average, dogs should be groomed every four to eight weeks. Of course, this depends on the owner's ability to do daily brush outs. It also depends on your pet's breed, coat and how often your dog is outside. You may want your dog to be groomed on a tighter schedule to keep their cuts crisp or to prevent shedding. This is something we can discuss depending on you and your pets needs.
Do you do teeth cleaning or anal glands?
No. If done improperly this can seriously hurt or damage your pet. Please see your Vet for this service. If anal glands are noticeably enlarged, I will extract in special cases as long as they are external.

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