Regretfully, i will no longer be grooming. I am in the process of finishing my appointments booked and then i will not be booking anymore. I do have plans to return but not for a long while. Thank you.

Welcome to Nature's Pet Spa! Let your pet be pampered in surroundings specially designed for quiet rejuvenation. Nature's Pet Spa creates a relaxing, spacious, airy feeling with its 13 foot ceiling and very large windows. Even the most anxious dog will feel relaxed being the only dog/family of dogs at a time with no negative distractions and 100% attention on him/her.

Nature's Pet Spa has a convenient waiting room complete with a bathroom for our fur-clients parents. Have a seat, relax and watch the many wild animals and beautiful trees outside the large picturesque windows.

For the safety of your pet, there is a door located between the waiting room and the work area that is closed and locked at all times.

my electric table is one of the quietest on the market assisting in your pet’s relaxation. Well lit and located directly in front of a large 4 x 5 foot window, even the most nervous dog cannot resist taking a peek out and getting lost in the distraction of countless birds, wildlife and neighbors taking a walk. Most dogs forget they are even being groomed and spend their stay engrossed in what's going on outside.

Made of stainless steel for cleanliness, the tub station is designed for a quick and stress free bath. The specialized bathing system thoroughly cleanses by using water pressure to force dirt, grime and dead hair out faster than using your standard hose/shower head. The tub also features a ramp for big dogs and a rack for those little dogs to prevent claustrophobia when placed in a tub with high walls.

Facility Pictures!

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